Wk2-Activity-Plaster Casting

Plaster Casting 

Final Product!

Final Phase_2Phase_4


Alright, so here are a few photos of my plaster cast backwards in sequence showing the process.  It took me three attempts to come out with the final product.  I felt like I should have easily completed this project the first time but I kind of rushed into it without really thinking of how it was to be done.  The part that I had trouble with was figuring out what to use as my mold.  I did not have sand to use, so what I used was a 3D molding gel which I would highly recommend if you do not have sand.  It is a powder material like the plaster and you have to mix it with water to make it into its rubbery state so you can build the mold.  It costs $11 dollars for .75 lbs and you can buy it at Michaels Art Store.  There should be instructions on the bucket, if not you can look up videos on YouTube which will explain the process of how to make the mold.  As you can see a few of Phase_2the fingers on my cast broke off and I glued them back on.  At the beginning of this project I was a little agitated but once I successfully got the cast out I was happy with my work.  I hope everyone else can get their finishing product on the first try!



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