Wk3-Activity-Social Photography

Social Photography

These are the few Instagram posts that I Screenshot_2015-09-10-20-12-52_resizedsaw that got my attention.  I am not going Screenshot_2015-09-10-21-12-30_resizedto lie, two of them are mine.  I didn’t pick them because they looked cool or anything like that but I could see the relativity of a few of my posts to most of the other students in the class. The first photo on this blog is of the interior of my car, from my point of view.  On Instagram out of the #art110f15 posts there were several people who also took a picture of the interior of their car from the driver seat.  What I see when viewing these photos, is the daily commute that most of the students have to make in the morning, dealing with traffic or catching all red lights on the way to campus.  Then when getting to campus having the struggle of finding an open parking spot.  I could go on about the parking situation for days but I will not at this moment.  The second photo I just thought it was hilarious because everyone has been having to deal with this ridiculous heat. Not that it is funny but the emoji explains everyone’s reaction to this weather. That is one of the perks of living in Southern California it is always HOT and sunny. As for photo three I am a pizza lover so it was kind of hard not to choose this post.  Also, when seeing food posts I relate it to my somewhat unhealthy diet when it comes to school.  The reason for this is because I don’t have enough time to prepare food when I am at home and even when I do pack food I underestimate how long I will be on campus so my lunches never really hold me over. When this happens I tend to buy food at school which isn’t always healthy or inexpensive. I can imagine a lot of other students deal with this dilemma from time to time.  Last but not least is the key board of my laptop which I can relate with any other student because we are the generation of technology so we use our computers, laptops, tablets for many reasons including school work and research.  I know theScreenshot_2015-09-10-20-11-59_resizedse are just very few Screenshot_2015-09-10-20-26-27_resizedposts out of the hundred something students in the class but these were the ones that related most to me.  I also noticed out of the rest of the posts that many students are connected in some way or another and have probably experienced the same events throughout their college careers, or will in the near future.


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