Wk 3-Classmate Conversation-Jonathan Pua


Classmate Conversation with Jonathan Pua

Thursday at the art galleries I met up with fellow student Jonathan Pua and talked to him for a while getting to know a little bit about him.  Jonathan is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach who is majoring in hospitality management.  Jonathan is from the City of Carson which is about 20 minutes North East from the campus. On Jonathan’s free time he enjoys playing video games on his PC computer and his favorite game to play is League of Legends.  He also likes to watch Netflix and the series he watches is Sense 8 and Daredevil.

Jonathan and I discussed the topic if art should be fun? Or what is art? We both came to the conclusion that art can be fun for those who take interest in it as a hobby.  Not that you necessarily have to be good at it but as long as you enjoy it.  That is where me an Jonathan differ a little; he likes to be an observer and critique of art but doesn’t entirely like to make art while I like to sometimes be the artist and draw every now and then.  As for the definition of art it is hard to stay away from all the cliche definitions but I feel that art is all of the creativity you take from your mind and can interpret it into the world either as music, dance, sculpting, drawing, painting; that freedom of expression in which no one can hate on your ideas.

This was a cool activity, Jonathan seems like a cool guy.  I look forward to meeting more people in this class. I know that being in school we don’t really take the time to meet new people unless we join a club or fraternity/sorority but most of the time its just go to school, get through your classes and then either go home or go to work.  Being a senior I know the way it goes.  You might meet people one semester and become kind of close but then after that semester most likely you will not talk to them again. Or maybe you become friends and maintain that friendship throughout the rest of school.  For the most part hopefully we can all make some good bonds through our college careers.  Again I look forward to meeting new people and possibly making some new friends this semester.


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