Wk 5-Activity-Ethnography

 “Not using electricity, for an entire night! What?”


(Where I spent most of the night without electricity.)

This was probably one of the more difficult projects assigned in this class. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard but when your life (school) revolves around the use of electricity and electronic devices and you can’t use them, it makes things a little complicated. For this experiment I had to start at 8:00 PM because that is the time I get home from school. I started the moment I stepped out of my car in which I automatically ran into minor complications, such as not being able to open the front door and running into objects around the house. Once I got inside I lit candles in all the major parts of the house; one in the kitchen, bathroom, and my room. For the most part there was enough light to accomplish the tasks that I needed to perform while at home. I was able to fix myself dinner, shower and brush my teeth, and then finally get ready for bed. Since the whole point of this project was not to use electricity I decided to not do any homework and just go to bed early.

My usual schedule after getting home from school is to do a quick workout, eat, shower, and then read or do any projects that I have due for class that week. So, without any electricity it would be really hard for me to get any school work done since everything is practically done online.  I take notes, read handouts and power points, and take exams which are all done on my Chromebook. Without electricity I wouldn’t be able to get any of these things done; except for the notes part, I can still use pen and paper. However, if I were to do this experiment when I actually had free time I would probably hang out with my family and play card games or board games.

Thinking back to a time when there was no electricity seems incredibly hard, yet simple. It isn’t impossible because people used to live like that normally.  I could imagine that people went to bed a lot earlier but also woke up earlier, to utilize the natural light provided by the Sun, to get all of their chores and errands done. Also, instead of being on a computer, tablet, or video game system people were outside playing or being social. Not the kind of “social” where you have a thousand friends on Facebook or five thousand followers on Instagram but actually being social! Something that would be hard now would be to have to hand write everything, especially when being a college student. To me that would be ridiculous, having to write a ten or twelve page paper. I can thank electricity and all the new technological gadgets that help make school work a lot easier to complete.

This is just a small portion of how electricity is used; at least in my world.  Because of electricity and technological advancements the world continues to progress in business, medicine, weapons, and practically everything else. I know that there was a time before where electricity was not available and it was normal, but now I don’t think the world would be able to function without it. I could go on and on about this topic so I am going to stop.  If you ever meet me we can talk about this because it would be so much easier to have a conversation instead of me continuing to write several more paragraphs about the use of electricity in the world we live in today.


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