Wk 5-Classmate Conversation-Courtney Sakuma

Classmate Conversation with Courtney Sakuma


During this weeks classmate conversation I met up with Courtney Sakuma.  Courtney is a third year student who is majoring in Civil Engineering and plans on graduating next spring.  Ethnically, Courtney is fourth generation Japanese.  Courtney graduated from Cypress High School in 2013. She was part of the track team which helped her complete her first half marathon at age fourteen and two years later she completed her first marathon. Courtney lives in Long Beach so she is a local girl.  Her younger brother who is a freshmen also attends Cal State Long Beach. Courtney enjoys reading, drawing, and binge watching shows on Netflix.  Her favorite show is Friends.  Courtney is also a foodie and her favorites are ramen, spam masubi, In-n-Out, and pizza.

As for the question, “What are you swimming in?”, Courtney responded that she is very oblivious to the outside world. She is not self conscious so she doesn’t really care what people think of her and that’s awesome.  I think that is how life should be lived! You should be able to be who you want to be and not care what others think of you. If you conform to the image that society gives you then you are not truly being yourself.

It was really cool getting to talk to Courtney, she is a very nice girl. I think there is a possibility for a new friendship here but I know things get busy as school continues on, so we’ll see what happens.  If you get a chance check out Courtney’s website at www.courtneysakuma.wordpress.com.


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