Wk6-Activity-Identity Art


Screenshot_2015-10-02-13-40-02_resized Screenshot_2015-10-02-13-58-04_resized

Me doing my scope. (Not the best picture)

For this weeks activity in class I had to create a Periscope account and create a few live broadcasts. Those of you who have never heard of Periscope before, in short, it is just another social media app. You can film whatever you want and stream yourself live and people from all over the world can watch and comment. I think it is similar to Skype but you can’t see your viewer and up to a hundred people can comment at once. You can hold a conversation with all one hundred people or a few you actually want to talk to. I am not much of a social media user so it took a few tries to actually figure the app out.  I think over all I did five videos and they all differed on length but I at least reached an hour of broadcasting. The first four times I made a broadcast I thought, no ones on or I am just really boring, but I forgot to turn on my Current Location button so, that could have been a reason no one was watching. The fifth time I did it right. I was able to broadcast with a few viewers and actually talk to a couple of them.

Screenshot_2015-10-02-13-38-28_resized Screenshot_2015-10-02-13-59-30_resized

A few viewers. What I consider a successful broadcast.

Like I said I am not a huge user when it comes to social media but for this experiment I thought it was interesting. I pretty much just spoke my thoughts and for my last broadcast I just made brunch. The coolest part about this is that you can watch someone who is live broadcasting in Italy, Russia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and practically anywhere in the world, as long as they have the Periscope app. I watched several broadcasts from the locations that I just listed and it was cool seeing different people from foreign countries. I like seeing the time difference and hearing their accents or the language that they speak.  This to me was most appealing about the app, other than that I wouldn’t really use it.

Screenshot_2015-10-02-04-01-02_resized Screenshot_2015-10-02-03-25-33_resized

A few scopes that I watched. Iceland and Professor Glenn

My first broadcast I wasn’t sure what do, so I talked about social media and my opinions about how it is used within our society today. I just wanted to make it a point that the use of social media controls some peoples lives.  When it comes to posting on these social media sites or apps, people post everything about themselves! It could be from not so personal to the most personal things. To me I really don’t think people should post everything that they are thinking or what they are doing because by doing that they are practically giving away their privacy.  Now this is just my opinion. Some people may want to post everything that they are doing or thinking, for whatever reason that may be. I really find it unnecessary though.

Social media helps people freely express themselves but they don’t need to share everything! If I see someone or know someone who posts everything about themselves I get, not annoyed but just wonder why do they do this? Isn’t there anything that you don’t want people to know? To me I just feel that there are certain moments that maybe don’t need to be shared. I personally like to actually have a private life and not let everyone know everything about me. Once I meet someone, in person, I can actually talk to them and slowly reveal who I am. You have to almost work at it or like in the movie Shrek, Shrek explains how he is like an onion and that he has layers, and I think the more you get to know someone the deeper you get with the layers.  It is a process though! Keep some things private so people can work a little to get to know you, instead of you just putting all your information out there making it easy.

Red onion circle portion on white background.

“Ogres are like onions”-Shrek

Another thing is that for me there are moments that maybe I don’t want to share with everyone. I want to keep that memory just for myself or for whoever I actually experienced it with because we were actually there and lived in that moment together. As soon as someone posts a picture or comments about that moment, for me it is ruined! That moment is no longer mine. Everyone now sees or shares that experience because they can view it on Facebook or Instagram, and that pisses me off! This is just how I am though. If you are one of those people who likes to post everything that is fine too but my personal preference is not sharing every moment of my life with the world. I am not saying don’t post anything at all but I would just consider next time before you post a picture or comment think if you really want to share that with the world.

This is what I took away from this weeks activity using Periscope. I think social media is a cool thing but I also see a few down sides to it as well.  You can disagree with me on this because I am neither wrong nor right, this is my preference of living though.


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