Wk6-Artist Conversation-Alice Andreini

Artist: Alice Andreini

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Title of Piece: Set Lines

Artist Conversation with Alice Andreini

For this weeks artist conversation I spoke with Alice Andreini. All of Alice’s pieces were paint on canvas. Alice had a very bright color palette for her three paintings and were arranged in number order starting from #4 and ending at #6 in the gallery room. As the paintings progressed the colors became brighter. The darkest colors out of the three paintings is #4 but each painting consisted of the same theme and similar images of flowers and toy soldiers.



Speaking with Alice it seemed that the inspiration for her work came from working in her mother’s garden. Alice explained that her mother became ill and couldn’t tend to the garden any more so she went to help.  Alice also mentioned that in the work there are images of flowers and soldiers and the reason for the toy soldiers was because her mother would find these toys under the soil as she worked in the garden. This is the more literal meaning to her piece but Alice wanted to also create paintings that presented a more dynamic space. Alice included that the soldiers act as protectors of the garden since a garden can be damaged by many things, such as weeds, animals, and war.



As for Alice’s first painting, this was the one that I was drawn to because I saw the toy soldiers and it reminded me of my childhood. This painting consisted of more contrast and was the piece that took the longest to finish. Alice said it took her a couple of months to finish painting #4, but as for #5 and #6 it took her a couple of weeks.  For painting #4 the soldiers were hidden in the garden and Alice said, “This is more that the soldiers are protecting the garden from weeds.” With painting #5 Alice incorporated scale because she painted huge flowers wanting the viewer to feel as if they were somewhere else. For painting #6, Alice completely got rid of the contrast of colors making it hard to see if there were any hidden soldiers in the garden.



I enjoyed the use of color in Alice’s paintings because they all incorporate bright yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple, and very little black.  The reason I say this is because it is appealing to the eye, in which we have to find the boundaries of images and figures for ourselves. Usually black automatically outlines these things for us but since black paint wasn’t used we get to decipher these things for ourselves. As I looked at Alice’s work it really reminded me of a child’s imagination, especially because of her use of color.  It reminds me that a child’s imagination is open to almost anything, literally, anything. It seems as we get older we lose that sense of having an imagination and because of that it can make things in our lives a lot more dull. As children, we don’t have a lot of the worries and stresses that we do now because the only thing we had to worry about then was having fun and enjoying life. I understand growing older and having to work is inevitable but I still believe that in life we should still have that focus of enjoyment and fun.

To get to know Alice a little more check her out on Facebook at Alice Andreini.


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