Wk6-Classmate Conversation-Diana Nguyen


Classmate Conversation with Diana Nguyen

For this weeks classmate conversation I had the privilege to speak with fellow student Diana Nguyen.  Diana is a third year student majoring in electrical engineering. The reason Diana is an engineering major is because she likes puzzles and putting things together.  On Diana’s free time,when she is not doing school, she likes to read and watch YouTube videos. Diana watches a lot of different You Tubers from gamers like Pewdipe to short film maker, Wong Fu. Diana’s younger brother was the one who got her into watching gaming videos. She isn’t the best at video games but she enjoys puzzle or strategy games like Plants Vs. Zombies. Diana enjoys reading so much she doesn’t have a favorite book, she said, “That would be too hard to pick.”

Something that Diana and I have in common is that we are both the oldest out of our siblings. We discussed if the stereotypes of being the oldest are actually true and we came to the conclusion that some of them may be true but it all depends on the individual and their characteristics.

As for the question of the day, “What is the relation of color and emotion?” Diana responded, “Color is very important when expressing your emotions and depending on how you pair colors has an affect on what you are trying to express.  This use of color can also be used as a marketing tool. When they try to promote fresh items the color green is highly incorporated with the packaging.” I agree with Diana. Color can be used to express so many emotions but I think the way those colors are expressed differs depending on their past life experiences. But other than that we were pretty much on the same page.

It was really cool getting to talk to Diana! She is a really nice girl and I hope to stay in contact with her throughout the semester.  If you want to see what Diana has been doing this semester check out her work at http://dianadnguyen.com.


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