Wk 7-Artist Conversation-Angela Drew

Artist: Angela Drew

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Title of work: Layers

Artist Conversation with Angela Drew


For this weeks artist conversation I spoke to Angela Drew. Angela’s medium of choice for her work was ceramics. I asked Angela if she paints or draws and she said, “No. I am a terrible painter and I hate drawing.” Angela enjoys the use of clay because it comes from the Earth and she can make sculptures which resemble nature with materials that come from nature. Another reason why Angela enjoys using clay is because to her it is a metaphoric representation of how God is molding her life.


Part of what inspired Angela to do these pieces is her religious belief in God and her practicing faith of Christianity. The other part was that the topic of how the formation of the Grand Canyon came to be was brought up at one of her church seminars. The work that she presented, was of seven sculptures resembling the walls of the Grand Canyon that encompass the Colorado River. In Angela’s mission statement she mentions that there are countless theories of  how the Grand Canyon was created. There is still no solid evidence of how it came to be but the theories consist of a rise of water from the river, a shift in the tectonic plates, and the great flood caused by God, or just a pure creation of Gods will.


Angela’s belief is that the formation of the Grand Canyon came from the great flood. In Angela’s sculptures she used six different types of clay to make the different colors of layers. All of her sculptures were presented on pedestals made of cypress wood. Cypress wood was believed to be used for the Arch from the great flood. At the bottom of the pedestals inside the sculptures was a light bulb to show the cracks and holes in Angela’s sculptures. The light that shines through the cracks in the sculptures represent the unexplained divinity of God’s judgment, while the holes represent what is missing in the other theories.


When I first walked in, before reading the mission statement, I knew that these sculptures were of some type of rock formation. They almost looked like volcanoes but I ruled that out once I noticed the different layers in Angela’s sculpture. But what I was thinking of when looking at Angela’s work was that a lot of research is conducted on the layers of the Earth and of rock formations to find out how old it is.

I think this is a great piece because it makes the viewer think for a second how everything really came to be. This may be one of the bigger unanswered questions in life. Is it simply to just live and die or is there more meaning than just that. And that brings in to question are we soulful beings? Do we still exist in a spiritual or ghostly way after death? To this question I don’t have an answer and I don’t know if anyone truly will. This leads us to choose what we believe, whether that be believing that there is a God, gods, and or in reincarnation. It all comes down to what we have faith in. With this topic I think researching it way too much can drive a person crazy because in the end what is the answer? People claim to have the answer but how do they truly know? In the end you have to do the research yourself and choose what you think is the answer.

To see more of who Angela is and her work check her out on Facebook at Angela Drew.


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