Wk 7-Classmate Conversation-Jaclyn Fernandes

Classmate Conversation with Jaclyn Fernandes


Jackie, Professor Glenn, Me (Nick)

This week I spoke with fellow classmate Jaclyn Fernandes. Jaclyn is a third year student majoring in sociology and minoring in hospitality. Jaclyn expects to graduate in the Spring of 2017. After graduation Jaclyn hopes to get a job with Virgin America airlines as a flight attendant. Jaclyn’s dream is to eventually fly internationally so that she can see the world while doing what she loves.

Jaclyn is very active and has many hobbies. Those hobbies consist of cooking, watching sports, going to music festivals and concerts, hiking, and hanging out with friends. Right now, Jaclyn’s priorities are being a full time student and holding a part time job. She works at the East Anaheim Gym as a recreational leader. Jaclyn’s job allows her to work with and coach little kids as well as gain experience with her customer service skills by working the front desk.

When Jaclyn isn’t busy with school or work she like to watch sports, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers. If Jaclyn isn’t watching sports,her next favorite thing is crime drama TV shows, like Forensic Files. Another activity Jaclyn enjoys is going to concerts and music festivals. She loves all kinds of music but picks the genre depending on what kind of mood she is in.

As for the question of the week, what color would you die your hair? Jaclyn’s response was, “If I had the choice to die my hair it would have to be purple because I would need to make a statement and I just think purple is a really cool color.” Such a great response. Jaclyn seems like a really cool person and I would like to get to know her more throughout the semester.

To get to know Jaclyn a little more check out her website at jfedcsulb.com.


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