Wk 7-Activity-Ephemeral Art



This weeks activity consisted of another social media assignment. Basically, if you didn’t have a Snapchat you create one and once that is accomplished you take photos throughout the day and share what you would like and draw on the photo. As I have said before I am not much of a social media user so this app is completely new to me. I really didn’t know how to use the Snapchat app so I played with it for a little and got the basics down so I could at least complete this assignment.

I was able to take photos and draw a few designs and little stick figure drawings which was fun. This may be the only thing I like about this app because I enjoy doodling and drawing so this definitely got me interested. I know you can communicate with others by sending video messages or pictures but I didn’t get to this part.

Screenshot_2015-10-09-02-35-14 Screenshot_2015-10-09-02-35-00

My drawings.

Snapchat, Instagram, and Periscope are all similar in the sense that they are all social media apps. The two apps that are most related are Snapchat and Instagram. For both of these apps you can post pictures and videos but Snapchat seems more designated to sending these messages to a specific user and Instagram is more generalized to the public. And then for Periscope this app is used strictly for broadcasting videos and this is something that has to be done live. You have the option to make a public or private broadcast so only your followers can watch. Overall, I would say these apps are all similar in which most offer the same services and abilities but some people may think that these apps are nothing alike but what would I know? I am not very social media savvy.


Other classmates drawings.

For all the activities we have done so far using social media sites, my favorite would have to be Instagram. I do not post a lot of pictures, I just use it to see what popular tags and photos/videos that are going around. Periscope would come in second just because it is cool seeing different people from around the world. And in last place would be Snapchat. I just don’t see the point to it. I hear it is a lot of fun but I only think that applies to those who are advent social media users. To me it seems similar to that of just texting. I think the best interaction is with those that you can talk to face-to-face and not screen-to-screen.

Yes, social media can make for a good tool to advertise yourself or keep in touch with friends but I just get tired of having to look at a screen all day! Seriously why can’t people just talk to each other anymore? You can see someone in person and talk to them, get to know them then and there. Just maybe if you hit it off you can meet up with that person again and start an amazing friendship which can last a lifetime! Because these sites are considered “social” doesn’t actually make them social. If anything they take away from the true aspect of being social.


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