WK 8a-Activity-Mobile Public Art: Somebody

Somebody App.


My Profile for Somebody.

Yet again, another social media assignment! This one took a little bit longer to figure out because this app is still pretty new and doesn’t have a lot of users. Also, the layout of the app isn’t the best. There are directions offered of how to use the new app but they don’t show you how to do everything. Like how to add friends to your contact list or how to press complete once you deliver a message. Adding friends to my contact list was my biggest technical difficulty. However, the good thing about this app is that it shows those who are around you who have the app. Technically you don’t actually need to add anyone as a friend, you can just be a floater. By that I mean, if other Somebody users are around you and they post a message you can choose their message from the floating category. When choosing a message from this category you are deciding to be the deliverer of this message to that persons contact. Probably sounds confusing. Check out this video Somebody-Miu Miu- Women’s Tales #8, and it will explain it better.


Time remaining for me to deliver the message.

Compared to the other popular apps out there, this one would have to be most similar to Snap chat. I think this because they can both relate to the amount of fun and silliness they possess. It doesn’t relate at all to Instagram. On Somebody you cannot follow anyone, there is no wall or posting page, you just send a message. The only similarity that it has to Periscope is that you get a destination/location of where these people are and where they are posting from.


Found my contact Filimon, and delivered the message.

I enjoyed the activity and use of this app. It leads you on a scavenger hunt to find the person you need to deliver the message to.  If you watch the video, it really shows the comical side of the Somebody app. I only once delivered a message and did not receive any. I did happen to see a lot of other students deliver messages which added to my experience for this activity. I don’t think a lot of my class mates really understood how the app worked either so, I am glad I wasn’t the only one. From this app, I wasn’t really inspired to make an app. I think that we shouldn’t use apps that much and just go experience life without using technology and not having to post everything. Therefore, if you like using social media and you are a person who is very sociable and silly then this app is definitely for you.


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