Wk 9-Classmate Conversation-Jeanine Pham

Classmate Conversation with Jeanine Pham


This week I spoke to fellow student, Jeanine Pham. Jeanine is a second year student majoring in biology at Cal State Long Beach. Later on, in Jeanine’s academic career, she hopes to study molecular cell biology and physiology. Like many other students she would really like to graduate within a total of four years! Next semester, Jeanine’s younger brother might also be attending CSULB, which would be cool! They could start a family tradition. Jeanine is currently a full time student and is far too busy to hold a part time job.

On Jeanine’s free time, she enjoys to read, bake, and play with her dog. She has a Shih Tzu dog who is nine years old. Her favorite TV shows  are Gossip Girl, Reign, and Private Practice. A cool hobby that Jeanine used to have, was that she used to scuba dive but unfortunately had to stop due to a back injury. Eventually, Jeanine hopes to conquer her fear of heights and go skydiving.

For the question of the week, “After visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art pieces, what is your favorite type (paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.) and why?” (Jasmynn Nguyen), Jeanine replied, “My favorite type of art is probably ceramics (sculptures) because it is easier to interpret and understand.” I do agree with Jeanine on this response because at times art can be very difficult to interpret but then at times it can be very straight forward. Although, I believe that we can interpret art in whatever way we choose to relate to our lives and the world we live in. That is the great thing about art!

I had a great time this week getting to meet Jeanine. She seems like a very nice girl and it would be cool to stay in touch with her for the remainder of the semester. In future conversations with Jeanine, I would like to hear a few of her scuba diving stories because that is something that seems very fun to do.

To see what Jeanine has been working on this semester check her website out at https://jeaninepham.wordpress.com/.


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