Wk 10-Classmate Conversation-Meghan Arce

Classmate Conversation with Meghan Arce


This week, I had the privilege of speaking to fellow classmate Meghan Arce. Meghan and I are very similar in the sense that we have both played sports for a majority of our lives. Meghan has played soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, roller hockey, and has ran track. Meghan is currently a second year student at California State University of Long Beach, majoring in Human Development. Meghan thinks about transferring to the University of Wisconsin so that she can play soccer. But within her academics she wants to go into occupational therapy wanting to specify in pediatric sensory.

Meghan loves working with kids and she debates whether she should switch her major to education. Meghan is not an only child, she has a younger sister who is 17 years old. Family is a very important aspect to her life and she spends a lot of time with them. If she isn’t busy with school or spending time with her family, she is either working, spending time with friends, watching Netflix, and or hiking.  Meghan is a Disneyland pass holder, so she goes there frequently.

Meghan enjoys listening to country, alternative, and hip hop music. When it comes to watching movies she enjoys comedies, romantic comedies, action, and sports movies. She really enjoys scary movies but ironically doesn’t ever actually get scared of them. Meghan finds scary movies quite amusing and funny.

As for the question of the week: “If you could travel to any country in the world where would it be and why?” Meghan would like to go to Costa Rica to visit family and because she heard it is very beautiful. Meghan was really nice and I wish the best with her decision if she does transfer schools.

If you want to see more of what Meghan has been up to this semester check out her website at http://meghanarce.com/.


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