Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Eva Drexler

Classmate Conversations with Eva Drexler


This week I had the pleasure of speaking to fellow classmate Eva Drexler. Eva is second year student at Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB) majoring in health science. After getting her bachelors degree, Eva wants to return to grad school to eventually pursue a career in public health. Eva has had several interns dealing with adolescent health. These internships made her interested in helping children and this is another option she would like to consider after grad school.

Eva is originally from the bay area, which is up north near San Francisco. The reason she choose CSULB was because it was still in California but just far enough from home. Currently Eva lives in Long Beach with four roommates. Two of her roommates attended high school with Eva. Eva was explaining to me that she is saving money so that she can travel to Greece and Italy this coming summer. She enjoys traveling and places she has been to already are Israel, Mexico, and Spain.

When Eva isn’t busy with school she enjoys hiking and cooking. Cooking is probably her favorite hobby since she learned how to cook from her father. I asked if there was something special she enjoyed cooking but for the most part Eva just likes cooking anything that includes chicken and steak in the recipe.

As for this question of the week it was, “Do you think tattoo is art? If you had to get a tattoo what would it be?” Eva expressed that she thinks tattoos are art but would never actually get one because it would interfere with her religious beliefs. However, Eva touched on the fact that she thinks people who have tattoos or who want to get tattoos should really make sure that it means something to them and isn’t just something cool to have.

I agree with Eva on this point. I myself have thought about getting tattoos but I know my parents wouldn’t like it. But it is true, it would have to have a significant meaning to me. I wouldn’t be able to just get one to get one.

I had a great time talking to Eva this week. I wish her the best of luck with her studies if I don’t keep in contact with her after this class. If you want to see more of what Eva has been up to this semester check out her website at evadrexler.wordpress.com.


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