Wk 11-Activity-Fiber Art

Fiber Art


For this weeks activity, I had to create a piece of fiber art. This is a medium that isn’t most popularly known but it is still a form of art. So for my art I just created simple wall hanging using a metal ring, and two different types of yarn.


What I learned from this project is that depending on what type of medium is used, you might have to be more creative because there is only so much you can do with little supplies. I didn’t really have a set design but I just kind of went with the flow and did what I thought would look semi-nice. It came out the way I expected it to. Like I said it was a very simple creation and didn’t really make it too complex, partly because of my limitation of supplies  but it worked.20151108_232926_HDR20151108_232909_HDR

Usually I think we misconceive the mediums of art out there in the world. The most common that most people recognize is singing, dancing, poetry, painting, drawing, and ceramics. However, fiber art is still one of these mediums of art. I myself never really fully knew that this was a common medium used but it is very interesting to see this as a form of art. It is pretty enjoyable to see and how complex it can really be. This was a fun and simple art project that can be taken up when one has free time.


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