Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Christopher Linquata

Artist: Christopher Michael Linquata

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Title of piece(s): Sacred and Profane

Artist Conversation with Christopher M. Linquata


This week I spoke to Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) student/artist Christopher M. Linquata. Within Christopher’s gallery there was a total of seven paintings. Each painting is acrylic on canvas. Christopher’s paintings consisted of bright and smooth colors which really makes it pleasing to the viewers eye. In each of his paintings there is a scene of people at this abandoned beach location which looks very peaceful. Also, Christopher includes himself in each one of his paintings. Part of the reason for this is because he was actually there. Christopher is depicting what really happened at that time in his life and he mentioned it is too expensive to hire models. Each one of the paintings is very large, except for three of them.


Garden of San Pedro

Christopher used to work at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for six months. For the hotel Christopher would paint murals and this is why he enjoys making larger paintings because they are similar to that of a mural. But with each of Christopher’s paintings they are all carefully designed. There is a step-by-step process that he goes through before completing the final product. The first step Christopher does is, draw in his sketchbook. Before starting a painting he draws it in his sketchbook. This is the blueprint for his art. Each one of his sketches consists of a time and place where he was. Step two is finding the appropriate figures, colors, poses, light, and composition for his painting. Step three is starting and finishing the painting. Once Christopher starts the painting it is subject to change depending whether he likes the positioning of figures. If he doesn’t he just paints right over it.


Death of Christo

Christopher explains, “This is just part of the process. When it comes to painting you might have 10-15 layers of paint on the canvas. It just all depends whether or not you are satisfied with what you produce.” Christopher spent up to 10 months total on these entire pieces where he was working on them for 18 hours a day. However, his inspiration for these pieces was from a span of 3 years. This is some serious dedication and long work hours but Christopher was very happy with his final works. A lot of his pieces have personal meaning to him ranging from religious values to family and friends relationship values.


Pastoral Scene

The cool thing that Christopher mentioned was that his goal is to do what he loves and he doesn’t care whether other people like his work or not because the only person it should matter to is himself. He hopes his work can inspire other young artists and get them thinking about their own style and subject matter for their work. Overall, Christopher’s philosophy of do what you love without caring what others think as long as it makes you happy is awesome!


Epic Battle

When Christopher said this, it really made me think about what I do in my life and who really I am doing it for. Right now being in school doesn’t make me the happiest person but I know it will pay off. Yes, at times I feel like I don’t want to let my family down but I know this is something that has to be done for myself and my future. But as far as social life and hobbies I participate in, I do it because I want to and I don’t care what others think of me. This message though is something to think about when making future decisions for choosing a job or even just activities that you do on your free time because if it is not making your heart happy why do it then? I know that sometimes we can’t escape certain choices in our life and have to live with those unhappy situations but we shouldn’t keep ourselves trapped there. Once a new and better opportunity presents itself we should take it!

20151112_114949 20151112_114952 20151112_114955

Duke of Sicily & Duchess of Crete

Sorry, got a little off topic there. But I really think this is a great message for all of us. As far as Christopher’s art goes, it is his own perception of events that have happened in his life.  His paintings represent a place in time where he transfers his own ideas and memories into the painting because that is the way he remembered that moment. I find this to be a very positive capability.


Duke of Sicily & Duchess of Crete

I feel that this capability can only be used through the expression of art because it is visual. If we aren’t artists then there is no sure way to transfer our memories and emotions into pictures. But I guess it doesn’t always have to be visual. Even if we keep replaying past events from our lives in our head we may alter that memory to make it happier or brighter. For example, say one day it was very dark and gloomy and there is no telling where the sun is but on that day we had the best experience of our lives and it made us so happy. Now when we visualize that day in our head we don’t see it as a dark and gloomy day but a bright and sunny day where birds are chirping and the skies are blue. Yes, we may be tricking ourselves but because that day was so great that is how we choose to remember it.

I don’t know if this is making any sense but what I am trying to say is, with the power of our imagination we can perceive our world the way we want to see it and because we can do that it allows us to cope with the stresses and hardships of reality. Yet, we can choose different ways to interpret events and one of those ways is through art.


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