Wk 13-Artist Conversation-Estelle Antonini

Artist: Estelle Antonini

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Title of piece(s): Animation

Artist Conversation with Estelle Antonini


I was able to speak to BFA student Estelle Antonini this week. For her and her classes senior show the theme was animation. There were many cool pieces that I saw in all of the galleries but I was really drawn to Estelle’s work.  Since all of the work is considered animation each animation piece begins with a drawing. Estelle would start with a sketch and then use a computer painting tool program called SAI. Estelle mentioned that his would reduce the total amount of drawing necessary for the final piece of animation.


I have seen plenty of animation films but never really knew all of the work that has to go into creating one of these films; Estelle was able to share her knowledge with me, which made me understand the process more clear. Estelle said, “So in animation one second of the film is equal to 24 drawings. It is a very timely process.” This is insane! That means for an hour film of animation there is a total of 86,400 drawings done. I couldn’t imagine the time, patience, and dedication into finishing a film.


Knowing how long this takes I know I wouldn’t have this type of patience but Estelle sure does. But for her work she was inspired by a BBC short program about Russian or Ukrainian deer herders. The reason I say “or” is because I couldn’t quite here what Estelle said. I should have asked her again. However, back to Estelle’s work. Estelle created a short animation about a young girl who came from this nomadic group who herded deer but was taken from her home and put into a school to become naturalized. This young girl who is the main character in her piece, feels out of place and is being made fun of by the other students and decides to run away from school. The girl runs back to the forest where she reunites with the deer that her group used to herd. THE END.


Originally, Estelle created her main character first and then after seeing the documentary she was able to grab the content for her animation story. I asked Estelle, “Is there any relation to you and your work?”. Estelle responded, “In a sense there is a small portion that relates to me. I know how it is to be taken out of your home and put in a new environment because my family and I were constantly moving. But this isn’t what drove me to do this piece.”


Estelle’s animation story was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. It is sad knowing that naturalization used to happen. Being taken from your home and forced to conform to society seems very unfair and cruel. I think in this time it is important to know where you come from because that is part of what makes you who you are. Sometimes people are forced to make changes in their lives, while others are willingly making change in their life. I would like to imagine people change to better their situation but I also hope that while doing so they stay true to who they really are. This is what I translate from looking at Estelle’s art.

20151119_112459 20151119_112518

To see more of Estelle’s work, check out her website at STLANTONINI.com or at STLART.TUMBL.com.


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