Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Diana Solis

Classmate Conversation with Diana Solis

20151119_121610 - Edited

For this weeks classmate conversation I spoke to fellow student Diana Solis. Diana is in her final semester here at Cal State Long Beach and will be finishing with a major in Sociology. After graduation Diana wants to find a career working with children.

Diana is a local girl and has lived in Long Beach a majority of her life. She loves animals and owns three dogs. They are all Maltese mixes. When Diana isn’t taking care of her dogs or spending time on homework she enjoys hiking and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Food that Diana prefers to eat is pupusas, enchiladas, and pizza. When it comes to music Diana enjoys all genres of music except for country.  Diana doesn’t watch too much TV but when she does she likes watching an MTV show called Girl Code.

For the question of the week, “How do you see art now than from thirteen weeks ago?”. Diana answered, “At first I thought I would be drawing, painting, and sculpting but then we started doing a lot of different projects so I wasn’t sure quite what to think of this class. As time went on I started to see the projects we were doing were a different medium of art. I really enjoyed all of the projects we have done this semester.”

It was really great getting to talk to Diana. I wish her the best of luck with the rest of her final semester and with the real world after she graduates. If you would like to see what Diana has been up to this semester check out her website by clicking this link.


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