Wk 14-Classmate Conversation-Milagros “Millie” Herrera

Classmate Conversation with Milagros “Millie”  Herrera

classmate Conversation wk 14

This week for our final classmate conversation I had the honor of speaking to fellow student Milagros Herrera. Milagros’s prefers to go by her nickname, Millie. Millie is a third-year student here at Cal State University Long Beach majoring in marketing. Millie currently decided she would like to switch her major to education so she can be an elementary school teacher.  This has always been Millie’s dream, that is why she is changing majors, she said, “I took up business because I thought that eventually this is what my future career would consist of, but it just didn’t seem to fit me.”

Millie has played soccer since she was eight years old with AYSO up until high school. After high school, she used to play on a Sunday league but had to stop this semester. Millie used to be left defender because she is left footed.

Millie is an only child, but she is very close to her cousin, who she considers more of an older brother figure. A cool thing that they have in common is their birthdays are on the same day, but there is a seven-year difference between them.

Other things to know about Millie is that her favorite food is pizza. It used to be cheeseburgers, but she can’t eat meat anymore so she has transitioned to pizza. Millie is also a big fan of Disney and Disney Land. She is a Disney Land pass holder and enjoys going as much as she can.

For the QOW, “What art has made the biggest impact on your life?” Millie responded, “It really all depends on what type of art I am currently looking at. Seeing different styles of art inspires me in different ways especially what kind of medium is used.”

It was really nice meeting Millie these last two weeks of school. I wish her the best of luck with her finals and that she enjoys her winter break.

This project was supposed to consist of a three person conversation but at the time I couldn’t find any groups that needed a third wheel so I just carried on with the traditional one on one conversation.

To see more of what Millie has been up to this semester check out her site by clicking this link.


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